Your Stories

I am not alone in feeling emotionally damaged as a result of a parent’s Will. Friends have told me some horrifying stories that perhaps you can relate to:

  • A 3M estate was left to 2 sons. The third son was given $1.00
  • A son married a woman considerably older than himself and his mother never accepted her into the family. The estate was worth 2M and given to his sister and brother. He was left an oil painting and a set of dishes and felt OK about not being left any money, but asked his sister if he could use the cottage for 2 weeks during the summer. Her response was to tell him to talk to her lawyer. The knowledge that his mother would treat him so badly is still after 5 years very painful.
  • A forty year old daughter was left a large inheritance by her father. The terms of the Will stated she could not access these funds until reaching the age of 65!
  • In a family with one son and two daughters, the father left almost his entire estate to the son, with a small amount to one of the daughters. Tears rolled down the face of the second daughter as she described her feelings, when she said “I would have been happy with 5 or 10%. Instead, I was completely ignored.”

Linda Somers, Legacy Coach