Legacy Coaching Client

“ Helped me get more clarity…opened my perspective…think ahead to what kind of legacy do I want to leave for my family and friends. Linda is a good listener, has an ability to relate to what I was saying, asked relevant questions, and encouraged me to continue my process.”

Professional Co-Mediator Colleague

“I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with Linda Somers as a co-mediator on a challenging case. Linda brings to the table a keen ability to listen and articulate the issues, assess what’s going on, coupled with a wonderfully caring tone. A true keeper of the process. I hope we can work together again soon! “

  Legacy Planning Workshop participants at Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview

 ” Well facilitated, interesting/informative discussion”
” Thank you very much! Excellent job”
“I liked learning about legacy and how to bring it up in a conversation with family members. It is important to know what one would like to leave behind to preserve the memory”
” This was a very interesting workshop and I will definitely apply what I learned today and share this information with others”

 Estate and Family Legacy Planning Participants at Ryerson University

“Moderator excellent, Terrific information-very helpful”
” Many good ideas”
” Excellent information”

 Legacy Writing workshop participants at Gilda’s Club

“Thanks Linda for encouraging us to tell our stories in writing to share with others. You really boosted my feeling of ability to do that kind of writing”

“I didn’t think I had a “legacy” to offer anyone. The word conjures a stark finality. Linda’s guidance and encouragement – as well as the others in our group -opened my eyes -and creative channels. I went in with one goal and came out with a bouquet of flowering ideas. It was great. And fun.”

How to be a Legacy Coach workshop participants at the Alliance Hospice

“It was great! Very informative, interesting and exciting!”
“ Facilitators were very friendly and helpful in giving us different scenarios”
“ Very good introduction to Legacy Work”