Legacy Coaching Services

My Qualifications

  • Masters in Adult Education from the University of Toronto, 1977
  • Certified coach from Leadership University, 2004
  • Certified mediator from Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview, 2006
  • 30 years experience working as consultant and trainer to improve organizational and individual performance

What is a Legacy Coach?

Linda SomersI work with clients who want to take charge of the legacy they are leaving their families, friends and the community. It is much larger than creating a will or an estate plan to reduce taxes, but supporting you to determine how you want others to remember you. It is about leaving a legacy that you consciously and deliberately choose.

Some questions for your consideration are:

  • Are your current relationships satisfactory?
  • What changes would you consider making to improve relationships?
  • What do you want your children and grandchildren to say about you 5 years after you are gone?
  • What stories do you want told about you?
  • What have you done to create the image and memories you want to leave with others?
  • What might stand in the way of your vision?

Legacy Coaching Services

§         Have you ever seen a child devastated when the will leaves him or her poorly treated?

§         Have you ever seen brothers and sisters at war because of how the will was written?

§         Have you ever wondered if your own wishes will be followed after your departure?

§         Have you ever considered how your will might help or hinder family relationships?

§         Have you decided on the legacy you want to leave your family and wonder how it can be incorporated into your will?

Consider how the following services could help you and your family.

1        Estate Planning Issues  Exploring implications of decisions about your financial legacy prior to writing the legal will such as distribution of finances, property and possessions, selection of executors and philanthropic intentions

2.      Ethical Wills – Preparing an ethical will that outlines your emotional legacy for future generations of your family

 3.      Legacy Mediation

a.       Mediation with parents and adult family members prior to finalizing the  legal will to review the estate plan and obtain a signed Family Agreement

b.      Mediation with adult family members after the parents are deceased in order to resolve family conflicts about the will and prevent costly litigation


Workshops and Presentations have been given to clients including:

  • Jewish Community Centre
  • Barbara Frum Library
  • Landmark Advantage
  • Colbourne Seniors Recreation Centre
  • CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Alliance Hospice
  • Gilda’s Club
  • Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview
  • Ryerson University
  • Centre for Spirituality at Work 
  • Contact Information:

    Contact me at Linda.somers@will-help.com or 416 -638-3838. I look forward to talking with you.

    Linda Somers, Legacy Coach