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It’s Not About The Money! When Estate Planning goes Wrong

 This 2 hour presentation includes ” The Accidental Inheritance” – a play written and performed by ACT 11 Studio, Ryerson University with a humorous look at mistakes made during the estate planning process. I also describe the problems older adults face during the estate planning process.


“As Director of PARK, an independent investment consultancy servicing affluent families, I attended this event upon invitation from a multi-family office with whom our firm works closely. Curious of what the evening would hold in store, I found myself repeatedly impressed by the innovative presentation of a delicate subject that so many of us find difficult to discuss openly. The Accidental Inheritance engaged participants and prompted thought-provoking dialogue through a well-structured format. In debrief with many of the attendees, some being familiar faces and others new introductions, I found that I was clearly not alone in appreciating the impact and value of this event” Ravi S. Kanani, PARK Private Wealth Inc.

“ The actors grabbed my attention and Linda’s facilitation was very stimulating. After seeing the play, my eyes were opened to new possibilities.”   June Kenner, Grandmother

“I saw a presentation recently called”It’s Not About The Money! When Estate Planning Goes Wrong”. It was spearheaded by Linda Somers, who is a very good presenter.  The play was informative, easy to understand, but most of all it was enjoyable.  I have dealt with estate planning issues before, but this was a new situation for me.  I will certainly apply the knowledge learned to my business.” Aidan Mullen, Investment Advisor

“ Linda displayed the compassion, patience and wisdom of a true professional and evoked the audiences to engage in constructive, heart-felt discussion. She uses her rare talent of asking the right questions at the right time with authenticity and moves her audience to experience rather than just share.  Thank you Linda for moving us!”  Shayne Stephens, Family Advisor, Landmark Advantage

“This was an impressive performance by the Ryerson seniors’ acting group, quality acting which enabled the audience to identify with the scenes they depicted. The audience reaction made the presentation especially worthwhile to all present and I learned about a number of potential problems.  The moral of the play: think carefully about your will and the effects it is going to have on those who will either benefit or suffer from it.  Think ahead with care!”  Elizabeth Shields, Grandmother

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