About will-help.com

After experiencing many difficulties with my parents’ Wills, I want to help prevent others from experiencing similar situations by providing specialized services to parents and their adult children. This site has been created in order to:

  1. Support parents to create a meaningful legacy for their children and grandchildren using Legacy Coaching services
  2. Educate parents about the long term implications of making decisions in their Wills that are irrevocable and cause harm to their children intentionally or unintentionally
  3. Provide a list of resources to both parents and their beneficiaries to either prevent or reduce problems


Legacy Coaching

I work with clients who want to create a lasting and loving legacy for their families. It is bigger than writing a will or creating an estate plan to reduce taxes, but supporting you to determine how you want your children and grandchildren to remember you. It is about leaving a legacy that you consciously choose. I might ask questions such as: …


Your Stories

I am not alone in feeling emotionally damaged as a result of a parent’s Will. Friends have told me some horrifying stories that perhaps you can relate to:

  • A 3M estate was left to 2 sons. The third son was given…
  • A son married a woman considerably older than himself and his mother never accepted her…



To help you during these difficult times we are developing a directory to include articles, lawyers, accountants, grief counselors, grief groups, etc.

If you are aware of a resource which you feel might help others in this situation please forward the details to me.


For Parents

Baby boomers will be inheriting trillions of dollars in coming years. I am not a lawyer, but I want to encourage parents to carefully consider how their Will or verbal instructions can affect their offspring. Lawyers need to do more than follow the law. They should help their clients carefully examine the implications of each clause to the survivors. The estate lawyer for my parents included a clause that only my cousin could charge for his services. He neglected to inform my parents about the potential financial implications…